Casa Dolce Casa is the ideal choice for a wellness holiday in any season. From sunrise to sunset, breathtaking views overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and the magnificent Amalfi Coast are the backdrop for evening concerts in the gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello ... Magic! This paradise on earth is the best scenario for a romantic holiday, for a unique event or as a place to forget the chaos and smog of the big city.

Casa Dolce Casa includes six rooms or suites each with its own bathroom, four of which have a private terrace overlooking the sea, all tastefully furnished and decorated with handcrafted majolica. It has a Relax Area that includes a Turkish bath, emotional shower hammam and a panoramic terrace with solarium. An Italian breakfast with local products is available to guests in our splendid lounge.

Located not far from the center of Ravello, near the gardens of Villa Rufolo, below the scenic stage where one of the most famous concerts in the world are held, we offer free parking and Wi-Fi available.

Situated in the heart of the Lattari Mountains National Park, Ravello is the place par excellence where you can discover the scents and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, the most spectacular walks in the world.

Welcome to Casa Dolce Casa!