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Park Silver Obelisco Hotel is in the heart of the city. In front of the Obelisk, on the 9 de Julio Avenue. A few minutes away from the main attractions of the city such as the Colón Opera House, the Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall and a few steps from the Corrientes Avenue.

Visiting the historic center of Buenos Aires is a deserving tour of several days. There's a lot to discover.

The city is home to a wide range of national and international art museums of all disciplines

There is no doubt, the City of Buenos Aires breathes theater and has nothing to envy of other great cultural capitals of the world, such as New York, Paris or London.

The city doesn't rest. All year round offers activities for all tastes, ages and interests.

The City of Buenos Aires has fairs of characteristic products with the aim of making the most of the different offers. In the squares and walks of the city you can find books and crafts, as well as food at good prices agreed with the General Directorate of Fairs.

Buenos Aires is a city that has many parks, gardens and green areas.

What is the best tango show in Buenos Aires?, what a difficult question to answer. We could say that there are as many answers as people on Earth. Tango is one and a thousand at a time, it is multifaceted like the city of Buenos Aires. It is spontaneous, in fact the real tango has no choreography, it is a follow-up of steps that the man indicates to his partner almost telepathically. It's just that tango has magic. And it also has stories: that of Buenos Aires; La Boca and other wards; unrequited love; deception; abandonment; Gardel's, Piazzolla's, and other great... Tango is pure mystique and let us agree that no one can say for sure that he knew Buenos Aires if he did not vibrate with the melancholy sound of a bandoneon. This is our selection of tango shows, each with its own characteristics, none equal to the other. All recommended. I chose according to your preferences.

The shopping options in Buenos Aires are very varied, ranging from exclusive international brands to incredible antiques, through attractive Proposals of Argentine design and traditional leather goods. Beyond the exchange differences, prices may be similar to those in other countries for products of the same quality. Anyway, you can always find good deals in outlets and in settlement seasons (January to March and July to August). In addition, several businesses allow tax free.