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"There are three things that make a hotel famous: location, location, location". Ellsworth Statler, father of the modern hotel industry.

Hotel Atlántico´s unrivaled location allows you to enjoy most of Punta´s attractions and daytime and nighttime activities open during summer and winter just within walking distance from the Hotel.



  • MOBY DICK PUB: Opens all year 7 days a week, Moby Dick is the most emblematic pub and concentrates much of Punta´s social and nightlife activity year-round. During summer period, Moby Dick is extremely busy every night till late hours. During winter, Moby Dick is the busiest pub in Punta, especially during weekends when the Pub features live rock and roll bands and music till late. Distance from hotel: 0,1 miles.

  • SOHO RESTAURANT and CLUB: Opens year round, every night during summer period and weekends during the rest of the year. At 2am, after dinner, Soho´s resident DJs display the best set of electronic &dance music till dawn. Distance from hotel: 0,1 miles.

  • BOCA CHICA BISTRO: Opens year round, serves fine Mediterranean food. The restaurant´s terrace offers one the most stunning views to the sea, seaport and Gorriti Island. It is ideal to go for lunch time or afternoon tea or drinks to enjoy the fabulous sunset. Distance from hotel: 0,25 miles.

  • DOLCE VITA: Dolce Vita recreates the legendary basement-club style such as New York´s Studio 54 or Mao Mao in BA Opens year round, gets busy every night during summer period and weekends during the rest of the year. Classy ambience and great drinks. Distance from hotel: 0,25 miles.

  • COMPANY BAR: A classic restaurant and Pub in Punta, opens year round. During weekend's evenings, Company offers oldies music and dancing, for the +40 couples crowd. Distance from hotel: 0,6 miles.

  • Other renowned restaurants within walking distance: Lo de Charly, Lo de Tere, Il Bareto, El Virazon, Guappa, Juananea, Yatch Club Uruguayo, El Pobre Marino.

  • THE SEAPORT: A must go year-round, the seaport is the quintessential symbol of Punta del Este. Stunning marine vessels, local fisherman´s, sea lions and local fish markets all mix up in this picturesque seaport. Day boat and fishing tours departs from here. Distance from hotel: 0,1 miles.

  • RAMBLA and PENINSULA: Walk, run or grab one of the hotel´s bikes to do what's the local´s favorite pastime: round tour the Peninsula´s ¨rambla¨. It´s about 2.5 kilometers of striking sea landscape, from the mansa to the brava sides. Distance from hotel: 0,6 miles.

  • GORLERO ROAD: Punta´s commercial and touristy street, you can find clothes and souvenir shops, cafes, services (ATM, banks, pharmacy, etc.) and casual restaurants. Distance from hotel: 0,18 miles.

  • ARTISANS SQUARE: local artisans gather every evening year-round at this well-organized handcraft market. Distance from hotel: 0,43 miles.

  • 20th ROAD: The so called ¨Punta´s Fashion Road¨, this street gathers exclusive stores such as Fendi and Valentino as well as art galleries. Distance from hotel: 0,25 miles.

  • NOGARO CASINO: Open year-round, the legendary casino was reopened in 2009 to become the largest multi-entertainment center in the Peninsula, featuring Casino, slots, restaurants, shows and events. Distance from hotel: 0,75 miles.

  • CONRAD CASINO: One of the largest entertainment centers in South America features a 3,400 sqm casino operating 24-hours, and major events and concerts almost every night. Distance from hotel: 1,2 miles.

  • LOS INGLESES BEACH: A small rocky beach frequented by fishermen. Distance from hotel: 0,6 miles.

  • EL EMIR BEACH: The surfers beach, good waves year-round. Distance from hotel: 0,6 miles.

  • PARADA 1 BEACH AT THE MANSA: Good beach to enjoy from spring to autumn, as it is usually protected from winds. Distance from hotel: 0,86 miles.


  • Shopping Mall and Cinemas
  • Punta Ballena and Casapueblo
  • La Barra
  • Manantiales
  • Jose Ignacio